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ICPs in Southern area help patients with respiratory problems


A joint initiative between GPs and community pharmacists, aimed at helping patients with long term respiratory conditions, is underway in the Southern area.

Patients with COPD and asthma are encouraged to attend an annual review of their condition. In some cases – despite three letters of call and recall  – some patients fail to attend the review,  but continue to order repeat prescriptions, which may no longer be appropriate.

Following an ICP workshop in the Southern area with GPs, practice based pharmacists and local community pharmacy and Trust colleagues, it was agreed that these hard-to-reach patients could be assisted by having a highly visible sticker on their prescription form encouraging them to attend their regular pharmacist for a review of their respiratory medication.

The pharmacist can make appropriate recommendations, feedback any concerns to the GP and encourage and advise patients of the importance of attending the GP practice for review.

Lynne McCausland, ICP Pharmacy lead for Craigavon and Banbridge, said: “ The initiative started in March and aims to improve the health outcomes for patients who could benefit from a review of their medicine and their treatment.”