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Regional Integrated Support for Education


The Regional Integrated Support for Education or ‘RISE’ is the name of a service that enables staff from the health and social care and education sectors to work closely together to help children access learning and enhance their development to reach their full potential.

A range of healthcare professionals from teams within Health and Social Care Trusts including:

Provide a range of multidisciplinary child-focussed programmes in all primary schools across Northern Ireland.

The teams deliver training, advice and support for parents and education staff, and provide integrated early interventions for children on a group or individual basis, depending on the needs of the children.

The service ensures better outcomes for all children and any barriers to their learning are addressed as early as possible in the classroom.

Activities delivered to the children through play include:

The Teams work alongside teachers to run the activities and help transfer the children’s skills into the classroom. Together they identify the areas where children are struggling and provide joint ideas and intervention to support them in their learning.

RISE: Developed and funded in partnership by the Health and Social Care Board, Public Health Agency and Education Authority.