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Promoting cultural integration: Children’s mural “Our World” unveiled


The “Our World” mural created by children from three Cookstown primary schools – Cookstown Primary School, Holy Trinity Primary School and Phoenix Integrated Primary School was recently unveiled at a special workshop in Cookstown Leisure Centre.

The work, which was completed as part of a Cultural Integration Service was funded by the Health and Social Care Board and managed by Gold SureStart.

A special workshop was held on the day for the children who created the mural along with the local artist Louise Byrne who provided the support and some of the inspiration. The workshop involved a fun packed day of cultural activities organised by “Artsekta”. Activities covered Indian, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian, Islamic, Japanese, Irish and Colombian cultures and included an African/Irish drum circle. These activities were funded through the Community Festival Fund from Cookstown District Council and organised by the Cultural Integration Officer, Brenda Hughes.

Sean McElhatton, Cookstown District Council, praised the work of the children and the artist Louise Byrne. He said: “We are delighted to have this unique piece of art displayed in our Leisure Centre where the children of the area together with their parents and visitors can see the results of their work.”

Ursula Marshall, Chair of Cookstown Children’s Services Planning Locality Group, described how the service benefitted the children of Cookstown, particularly those children who are new to the area.

She said: “This was a fun and innovative way of bringing children from different backgrounds together to create a piece of art which can be enjoyed by all.”

Further information about the project is available from Brenda Hughes, Cultural Integration Officer Tel 028 8676 5037.

Photograph of Pupils, artists and organisers pictured at the Cultural Integration Service launch of the ‘Our World’ mural.

Pupils, artists and organisers pictured at the Cultural Integration Service launch of the ‘Our World’ mural.