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Paediatric Congenital Cardiac Services

This web page will include all documentation related to the Paediatric Congenital Cardiac Services (PCCS) Review, including the minutes from the PCCS Working Group.


Minutes of the working group meetings

Minutes01March201358 KiB136
Minutes08March201376 KiB172
Minutes10August20120.1 MiB180
Minutes11January201374 KiB183
Minutes12April201391 KiB166
Minutes14December201258 KiB173
Minutes15February201372 KiB185
Minutes15March201362 KiB176
Minutes16November201281 KiB160
Minutes17August201287 KiB144
Minutes18January20130.3 MiB169
Minutes19October201274 KiB153
Minutes1February201363 KiB162
Minutes21September201266 KiB277
Minutes22March201357 KiB181
Minutes24August201289 KiB183
Minutes25January20130.3 MiB221
Minutes29March201377 KiB161
Minutes30November201254 KiB156
Minutes31August201273 KiB188
Minutes4January201364 KiB167
Minutes5October201254 KiB158
Minutes7September201262 KiB181
Minutes8February20130.1 MiB152
Transcript Of PCCS Meeting 05-12-201294 KiB206
Transcript Of PCCS Meeting 10-12-201289 KiB216
Transcript Of PCCS Meeting 19 11 201266 KiB221
Transcript Of PCCS Meeting 21-11-201281 KiB214
Transcript Of PCCS Meeting 26-11-201272 KiB287

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