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Social Work Research
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Social Work Research and Continuous Improvement Strategy

In March 2015 we launched the first five year Social Work Research and Continuous Improvement Strategy. A review of the strategy was undertaken in 2019. The consultation process undertaken indicated that having a strategy in place, symbolises an overarching commitment to the development of research and evidence, research capacity and collaborative working.

“We shouldn’t underestimate the symbolic nature of the Social Work Research and Continuous Improvement Strategy for providing an impressive commitment to social work research and an important message about its value”.

In March 2021 we launched the this Social Work and Social Care Research Evidence Supporting Continuous Improvement in our Service Outcomes reflecting a collaborative approach setting out our vision for the next five years – 2020-2025.

This strategy is primarily focused on social work as a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. Throughout there is an acknowledgement that social work operates within the wider social care context and that there will inevitably be a level of interconnection between both.

Title and link to downloadDate
Social Work And Social Care Research Evidence Strategy 2020-202515th March 2021
Social Work Research And Continuous Imrovement Strategy Summary Implemantation Plan 202115th April 2021

If you need a paper copy or if you want to discuss any aspect of the strategy email swresearchsistrategy@hscni.net 

The Equality and Human Rights screening document is available to view or download from the Business Services Organisation (BSO) website.

Building a Research Community

Our aim is to build a research community that will foster mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships.

Building a Research Community Formally was launched in August 2020.

Join the conversation #BuildingAResearchCommunity

If you need a copy of any previous documentation or if want to discuss any aspect of the Building a Research Community please email: swresearchsistrategy@hscni.net 

Annual Social Work and Social Care Research Conference 2022

The 9th Annual Social Work and Social Care Research Conference will be similar to our previous annual conferences with an interesting programme of key note addresses, small oral presentations and posters, displays and awards presentations.

At this point in time we hope to be in a position to host it as an in-house event. The final decision on the format will of course be informed by public health advice and guidance at the time as the safety of our delegates is paramount.

For details:

We will keep you informed on the format and registration details and speakers but for now pop the date of  Wednesday 9 March 2022 into your diary, and note the Call for Abstracts. This is an important part of the annual conference that proves very valuable to researchers, academics, managers and service users and carers.

Abstracts to be returned  in electronic format to SWSCResearchConference@hscni.net   on or before 21 December 2021.

The early date is important to facilitate planning and organisation.

After the assessment panel meets and if successful you will be required to submit final oral or poster presentations by 21 February 2022

Gaining Initial Support for Social Work Research, Evaluation and Audit Activity

During 2018-2019 a consultation inclusive of relevant stakeholders was undertaken to discuss the Protocol and associated Application Form for securing initial agreement and support for the conduct of social work and social care research activity in two or more Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland. The outcome was a more streamlined approach for gaining  initial support for the conduct of social work research related activity from Executive Directors of Social Work.

Initial requests are to be submitted through this process. To avoid any delays in the process before you make any application to your local Governance Offices in Trusts or to the Research and Development Division (PHA) for support you need to have completed this application. Download the protocol and application form below:

Title and link to downloadDescriptionDate
Application to secure initial support for the conduct of Social Work Research 201920th July 2019
Feedback From Consultation Exercise26th July 2019
Protocol for initial support for Social Work and Social Care 201920th July 2019

Evidence Reviews

Research and Evidence Reviews and Projects emerging from two post-qualifying modules for social workers and postgraduate modules for service users, carers and others involved in social care research.

This Programme provides modules designed to develop knowledge and skills relevant to social work research- related activity and culture in Northern Ireland. It supports the Social Work Research and Social Care Research Evidence Supporting Continuous Improvement in Service Outcomes Strategy 2020-2025,

March 2021

Past Conference Resources

March 2021 Videos – SWSC Research Conf on Vimeo



Social Work Research and Continuous Improvement Strategy Videos


Issue 18 – January 2022 (PageTiger)

Issue 17 – September 2021 (PageTiger)

Issue 16 – June 2021 (PageTiger)

Issue 16 - June 20212.5 MiB357
Issue 15 - March 20213.2 MiB282
Issue 14 - December 20202.6 MiB361
Issue 13- July 20200 B632
Issue 12 - April 20204.1 MiB742
Issue 11 - December 20196.2 MiB1006
Issue 10 - August 20193.7 MiB1056
Issue 9 May 20193.7 MiB1239
Issue 8 - August 20184.5 MiB1172
Issue 7 June 20183.3 MiB1194
Issue 6 January 20181.4 MiB1159
Issue 5 June 20171.8 MiB1439
Issue 4 December 20152.0 MiB2326
Issue 3 - August 20151.6 MiB1606
Issue 2 December 20141.3 MiB1747
Issue 1 July 20140.6 MiB1753

Further Information

Title and link to downloadDescriptionDate
Social Work And Social Care Research Evidence Strategy 2020-202510th March 2021
Social Work Reseach And Continuous Improvement Strategy Communication Plan2nd December 2015
Social Work Research Strategy Workshop Feedback 3 June 201524th August 2015
Social Work Research Guidance Leaflet1st May 2015
Regional Workload Management Framework23rd January 2015

Key Contact

If you wish to speak to someone in relation to the Social Work Research and Continuous Improvement Strategy please contact –

Anne McGlade
Tel: 028 9536 3017
Email: anne.mcglade@hscni.net

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