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Social Work Strategy

Improving and Safeguarding Social Wellbeing

Improving and Safeguarding Social Wellbeing: A Strategy for Social Work in Northern Ireland 2012-2022 sets out a framework for social work practice to support the delivery of the vision for social work which has a focus on prevention and early intervention as well as on protection and safeguarding.

The Strategy aims to strengthen and support the social work profession to deliver high quality, effective and safe service in a challenging and changing environment. It seeks to improve understanding of the profession, what it does and what can realistically be expected to do.

Ten strategic priorities to build a strong foundation for social work now and into the future are identified and these are categorised under three inter-dependent themes:

A whole systems approach is needed to implement the strategy involving key players in the delivery system for social workers as well as service users and carers.

The implementation of the strategy will be a driver to improve outcomes for service users and strengthen the effectiveness and reputation of social work and social workers.

The Strategy can be viewed or downloaded from the Department of Health’s website.


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