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Mental Health

Mental Health

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) plans and develops services for people with mental health needs, in partnership with the Public Health Agency.

You In Mind Publications

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: A Guide for You0.5 MiB2391
Guide for People Using Services and their Family Members: Eating Disorders Pathway to Care0.6 MiB2502
Information for General Practice: Early Intervention in Eating Disorders0.6 MiB2005
Information for General Practice: Personality Disorders - A Diagnosis for Inclusion0.2 MiB2010
Regional Acute Mental Health Care Pathway3.9 MiB4046
Regional Care Pathway for the Treatment of Eating Disorders1.0 MiB2419
Regional Mental Health Care Pathway1.8 MiB3394
Regional Personality Disorder Care Pathway1.0 MiB3603
Talking Yourself Well - Guide To Mental Health Psychological Therapies2.4 MiB3583
Working Together: A Pathway for Children and Young People through CAMHS3.6 MiB7956
Your Guide to Mental Health Services - Pocket Guide0.5 MiB3347

Guidelines and Protocols

Protocol for regional bed management for Acute Psychiatric Beds - August 20190.4 MiB1473
Protocol for the transfer of adult mental health patients between Trusts - August 20190.2 MiB1820
Regional guidelines for the management of patients AWOL from adult mental health or learning disability inpatient setting0.6 MiB2461
Regional guidelines for the search of patients within adult mental health or learning disability inpatient setting0.2 MiB2945
Regional inter-agency protocol on the operation of place of safety and conveyance to hospital under the Mental Health NI Order 19860.8 MiB4246


10,000 Voices Report (Experience of Paediatric Autism and CAMHS Project)2.3 MiB1519
A Review Of Beechcroft And The Acute Child And Adolescent Mental Health Care Pathway2.1 MiB2378
Bamford Taskforce Annual Report 20110.1 MiB1816
Evaluation Report - Card Before You Leave Scheme0.6 MiB2278
Report of the You In Mind - Your Experience Matters Sensemaker Re-Audit December 20154.2 MiB1471

Your Experience Matters Sensemaker Re-audit December 2015

In 2012, the Public Health Agency and the Health and Social Care Board surveyed people across Northern Ireland to assess their experience of Mental Health services.  The ‘Your Experience Matters’ survey was based upon nine questions developed by service users and carers from each Trust area.  In addition, individual respondents had the opportunity to tell their story and describe their personal experience of using mental health services.

The issues and concerns highlighted in the 2012 survey, such as the need for ‘good communication’, ‘shared care’, and ‘timely information’ were prioritised for improvement.  Each Trust subsequently engaged in service improvement activities to help address these issues/concerns.  A key part of this process has been the ‘Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change’ programme www.imroc.org. This is based upon staff and service users working together to ensure mental health services become more recovery-focused.

To assess progress from 2012, a 2nd Edition of the regional survey was undertaken between Oct-Dec 2015, representing the updated views of service users and carers.  The report of the You In Mind – Your Experience Matters Sensemaker Re-audit 2015 is available in the Reports section above.  Overall, it is pleasing to report that the findings of the 2015 survey demonstrate a general improvement from 2012 across all areas.

For further information on mental health services in your area visit your local Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust website:

Belfast HSC Trust

Northern HSC Trust

Southern HSC Trust

South Eastern HSC Trust

Western HSC Trust