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Correspondence Pharmacy and Medicines Management

Recent letters issued by Pharmacy and Medicines Management

310320 COVID-19 EmergencySupplyService InitialLetterToContractorsLetter to Community Pharmacies31st March 2020
V5 Pharmacy Advice 160320 PHARM 1Community Pharmacy Preparations for COVID-19 (coronavirus) - Poster23rd March 2020
180320 Letter To CPs Covid PosterCommunity Pharmacy Preparations for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)23rd March 2020
Acute Cough Assessment Service - CRIP Testingpilot- Cessation Of ServiceLetter to Community Pharmacy Contractors contracted to provide the service13th March 2020
Acute Cough Assessment Service - CRP Testing Pilot - Cessation Of ServiceLetter to GP practices involved in pilot13th March 2020
Letter To Trust CEx CMA Report11th March 2020
INVESTMENT INTO COMMUNITY PHARMACY SERVICES 201920Letter to Community Pharmacy19th February 2020
Complaints ELearning PackageLetter to Community Pharmacies19th February 2020
Additional Info Sharing SessionLetter to Community Pharmacies19th February 2020
Serious Shortage Protocol RemunerationLetter to Community Pharmacy Contractors.30th January 2020
Cancellation Of Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework Workshop 6 FebruaryLetter to GPs and Community Pharmacists29th January 2020
Melatonin Preparations – Prescribing and supplyLetter to GPs and Community Pharmacists.23rd December 2019
Supply Route For Insulin Safety Needles (Dec2019)Letter to all Nursing Homes and GP Practices in Northern Ireland.3rd December 2019
Pharmacy Needs Assessment - Focus GroupsLetter to Community Pharmacies30th September 2019
Supply Route For Insulin Safety NeedlesLetter to Trust Chief Executives30th September 2019
Support and Delivery of Domiciliary Care PaymentLetter to Community Pharmacies.30th August 2019
Medicines Use Review (MUR) Service Evaluation-patient Referrals To GP Practice30th August 2019
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Supply IssuesLetter to GP Practices and Community Pharmacies29th August 2019
Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework 201920Letter to Community Pharmacies29th July 2019
Community Pharmacy Essential Service - Living Well CampaignLetter to community pharmacies.10th July 2019
Evaluation of Pharmacy First Service for sore throats colds and Flu like illnessesLetter to community pharmacies9th July 2019
Community Pharmacy Essential Service - Living Well CampaignsLetter to GPs21st May 2019
Loestrin tablets supply issueLetter to General Practitioners and Community Pharmacists15th May 2019
Safe & effective use of medicines for over active bladder (OAB)/urinary incontinence (UI)Letter to Trust Chief Executives14th May 2019
Transitional funding to support changes to the Northern Ireland Drug Tariff for Wound Care Management ProductsLetter to Community Pharmacists25th April 2019
Guideline on the choice of glucometers and ketometers for adults with Type 1 DiabetesLetter to Trust Chief Executives.19th April 2019
Diabetes consumables - glucometers, ketometers, insulin needles - for children and young people with Type 1 DiabetesLetter to Trust Chief Executives18th April 2019
Medication Errors in ChildrenLetter to HSC Trust Chief Executives17th April 2019
GP Dirct Access Helicobacter Pylori TestingLetter to GP Practices4th April 2019
Regional List Of Time Critical MedicinesLetter to Trust Chief Executives, Chief Executive RQIA, GPs & Community Pharmacists28th March 2019
Grant Funding Allocation Business Continuity - Mar 19Document - Grant Funding Allocation21st March 2019
Gabapentin And Pregabalin Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs From 1 April 2019Letter to GPs including Dispensing Doctors, Practice Pharmacists OOHs, Community Pharmacists19th March 2019
Investment Into Community Pharmacy Services - Compliance Support 2018-2019Letter to Community Pharmacists28th February 2019
Metoprolol 50mg And 100mg Supply IssueLetter to Community Pharmacists25th February 2019
Community Pharmacists Liaison with Substitute Prescribing Teams about Missed DosesLetter to Community Pharmacists in Greater Belfast Area22nd February 2019
Transformation Funding Allocations - FebLetter to Community Pharmacists18th February 2019
DEegarelix (Firmagon®) For advanced hormone - dependent prostate cancer in adults with spinal metastasesLetter to Trust Heads of Pharmacy4th February 2019
Community Pharmacy Remuneration - 2019-2020Letter to Community Pharmacists28th January 2019
Important Changes Minor Ailments ServiceLetter To Community Pharmacists24th January 2019
Grant Funing Allocation - Connecting Community Pharmacists To HSC Network - Updated DocumentationLetter to Community Pharmacists18th January 2019
Transformation Funding AllocationsLetter to Community Pharmacists17th January 2019
Urgent Clexane 40mg Injection Supply IssueLetter to GPs, Trust Heads of Pharmacy and Community Pharmacists16th January 2019
Multiple Dispensing and Compliance SupportLetter to Community Pharmacists24th December 2018
VSL3 Removed From Drug Tariff ACBS ListLetter to GPs, Community Pharmacists, Trust Medical Directors, Trust Heads of Pharmacy13th December 2018
Pharmacy First Service - for sore throats, colds and flu-like illnessLetter to GPs, Out of Hours Medical Services30th November 2018
Price reductions and updated cost effective brands of Fluticasone Salmeterol inhalers (PMDIS)Letter to Trust CExs, GPs, Community Pharmacists, Federation Chairs and Federation Pharmacist Leads28th November 2018
Pharmacy First Service For Sore Throats Colds And Flu Like Illnesses - Further Training DateLetter to Community Pharmacists16th November 2018
Pharmacy First Service for Sore Throats, Colds and Flu-Like IllnessLetter to Community Pharmacists16th November 2018
Transition to IDDSILetter to GPs and Community Pharmacists16th November 2018
Christmas And New Year Holiday Period 201816th November 2018
Dry Eye Treatments In Community PharmacyLetter to Optometrists and Community Pharmacists15th November 2018
Opioid PrescribingLetter to Trust Chief Executives , Trust Medical Directors, Trust Heads of Pharmacy20th September 2018
Adrenaline Auto-Injector: Supply IssuesLetter to GPs and Community Pharmacists19th September 2018
Review of patients on high dose opioids for persistent non-malignant painLetter to GP Practice Clinical Governance Leads19th September 2018
Updated Lithium Care PathwayLetter to Health and Social Care Trusts' Medical Directors11th July 2018
Cost Effective Choice - Prescribing LHRH Analogue for Prostate CancerDecapeptyl SR 11.25MG and 22.5MG IM injection.

Letter to Health and Social Care Trusts' Chief Executives.
10th July 2018
HSCB Glucometer Guideline For Patients With Type 2 Diabetes - UpdateLetter to Health and Social Care Trusts' Chief Executives, GPs and Practice based Pharmacists.10th July 2018
Invitation to apply for funding for a Student Pharmacy TechnicianLetter to Community Pharmacists.4th July 2018
Choice of Insulin GlargineLetter to HSC Trusts' Chief Executives21st June 2018
Standardisation of the most common liquids medicines in PaediatricsLetter to Community Pharmacists re Products now available from Victoria Pharmaceuticals (Ordered via Movianto Northern Ireland)12th June 2018
Security measures for ordering and collecting prescriptionsLetter to GP Practices8th May 2018
Reminder: Interface between private and HSC treatment and supply of Liothyronine medication Letter to Private Medical Treatment Providers3rd May 2018
Community Pharmacy Medicines use review (MUR) Service 2018-19Letter to Community Pharmacists24th April 2018
Provision of Community Parmacy Services During Recent Adverse WeatherLetter to Community Pharmacists.29th March 2018
Referral For Adults With Substance Misuse ConcernsLetter to GP Practices and Community Pharmacists22nd February 2018
Cost Effective Choices Braltus Zonda®Letter to HSC Trusts’ Chief Executives8th February 2018
Pathway for the Managed Access of FreeStyle Libre®Guidance4th December 2017
HSCB Letter Freestyle Libre (Flash Glucose Monitoring Pathway)Letter to HSC Trusts' Chief Executives4th December 2017
Prescribing of FreeStyle LibreLetter to HSC Trusts' Chief Executives4th December 2017
Prescribing of FreeStyle LibreLetter to GP Practices and Community Pharmacists6th November 2017
Alleged control drug diversion from supply chainLetter from Joe Brogan and Mike Mawhinney to Community Pharmacy Contractors4th August 2017
Reminder Interface between Private and fHSC treatment and supply of medicationsLetter to Private Medical treatment providers8th May 2017
Betablockers - Dispensing And Selection Errors - Learning From SAILearning Letter27th February 2017
Gluten Free Prescribing Policy In NILetter to HSC27th January 2017
Hepa Merz SupplyLetter to CPs26th January 2017
Optimising medicine use in Primary Care by reducing the prescribing of OTC treatments for common conditions and non evidence based medicinesLetter to HSC & RQIA15th December 2016
Optimising medicine use in Primary Care by reducing the prescribing of OTC treatments for common conditions and non evidence based medicinesLetter to GPs7th December 2016
Levetiracetam - Generic PrescribingLetter to HSC Trusts, GPs and CPs26th November 2016
Low Dose NaltrexoneLetter to GPs and Practice Pharmacists25th January 2016
HSCB NI Prescribing Guidance and Pharmaceutical Cliical EffectivenessLetter to Independent Hospital Providers8th July 2013