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Developing Eye-care Partnerships

Developing Eye-care Partnerships (DEPs) were introduced to implement a five year plan for improving the commissioning and provision of eye care services in Northern Ireland.

The Department of Health’s strategy ‘Developing Eye-care Partnerships – Improving the commissioning and provision of eye-care services in Northern Ireland‘ sets out the vision and aim of DEPs.

The strategy is being implemented jointly by the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) and Public Health Agency (PHA).

DEPs delivered an integrated approach to the planning and delivery of eye-care services through the promotion of eye health, and the development of eye-care pathways (pathways are the specific route a patient takes from their first contact with Health and Social Care – usually GP, through referral, to the completion of treatment for each specific condition.)

The development of eye-care pathways:

Patients benefit from:



DEP Project 2012-2017 Final Report3.1 MiB1096
DEP Annual Report 20162.6 MiB1640
DEP Annual Report 20151.1 MiB1155
DEP Annual Report 20140.5 MiB1179
DEP Annual Report 20130.2 MiB1073

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