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Our Work
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The role of the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) is broadly contained in three functions:

The work of the HSCB has the potential to reach everyone in Northern Ireland at some point in their lives. We spend around £10 million every day.  These are just some of the services provided:

Annual Reports

Annual Report And Accounts 2016-201728th July 2017
Annual Accounts For Year Ending 31 March 201114th February 2012
Annual Accounts For Year Ending 31 March 20129th August 2012
Annual Report 2011-20129th August 2012
Annual Report 2009-201014th February 2012
Annual Report 2010-201114th February 2012
Annual Report And Accounts 2013-201412th August 2014
Annual Report And Accounts 2014-20156th July 2015
Annual Report and Accounts 2012-20139th July 2013
Annual Report and Accounts 2015-20164th August 2016
Annual Report and Accounts 2017-201817th July 2018
Annual Report and Accounts 2018-201923rd July 2019