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Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record team wins national IT award


The team behind the innovative Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) has won a prestigious EHealth Insider national award for ‘Best use of IT to support integrated healthcare services’.

The NIECR gives health professionals a window into all the important health and care information that they need to provide the best care for a patient. They can look at information currently held in a multitude of different systems across the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care sector, to see details of past or ongoing diagnoses and investigations or treatments. This is enabling better, safer, faster care and treatment for everyone whose care team uses the system.

More timely access by healthcare professionals to more complete information benefits all patients, reduces duplication and wasted time, and improves safety – for example, doctors can check x-rays and test results on the computer as soon as they are available so treatment can start sooner.

Confidentiality and data security remain a key priority across the HSC and the NIECR has undergone rigorous testing and can only be accessed by authorised staff over the secure health and social care network who need to see it to support patient care.

Dr Roy Harper, Consultant Physician at the Ulster Hospital said: “The NIECR is fantastic; it helps me and thousands of other care professionals across Northern Ireland to provide better, safer care to patients. I’m delighted that has been recognised as being the best in the UK for supporting integrated care.”

Dr Carolyn Harper, Medical Director/Director of Public Health at the Health and Social Care Board and Public Health Agency, congratulated the team of clinicians and eHealth technologists who have developed and implemented the solution, saying: “The NIECR is an innovative example of how technology, clinical leadership and a collaborative approach can transform information into better care for patients. This award follows international praise for our work on eHealth at the first NI eHealth Conference on 8 and 9 October.”

David Bingham, Chief Executive of the Business Services Organisation, said: “Very well done to our hard working NIECR team, this is a great example of technologists working with clinicians to deliver better care.”