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Northern Ireland Adult Safeguarding Partnership

Most adults in Northern Ireland live independent, comfortable and secure lives, free from the spectre of abuse or harm. However, there are some adults who, because of their situation or circumstances, may be unable to protect themselves from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Health and social care agencies have a lead role to play in preventing, detecting and providing protection to vulnerable adults.

The Northern Ireland Adult Safeguarding Partnership (NIASP) and the Local Adult Safeguarding Partnership in each Trust area have been established to give leadership and direction to the work of these agencies.



Adult Safeguarding Champion FAQs0.2 MiB574
Adult Safeguarding Gateway Team0.6 MiB496
Adult Safeguarding In Northern Ireland - Regional And Local Partnership Arrangements - March 20100.7 MiB57
Adult Safeguarding Operational Procedures2.7 MiB5567
Annual Report 2011-20120.3 MiB438
Annual Report 2012-20130.7 MiB443
Annual Report 2013-20141.2 MiB406
Annual Report 2015 -20160.9 MiB290
Annual Report 2016-20170.8 MiB100
Domestic Violence And Abuse - Legal Remedies Detailed Booklet2.7 MiB26
Guidelines on potential legaI issues surrounding vulnerable adults0.2 MiB2219
Joint Investigation Of Alleged And Suspected Cases Of Abuse Of Vulnerable Adults - July 20092.6 MiB66
NIASP - Strategic Plan 2013-20180.8 MiB448
NIASP Operational Manual - July 20170.5 MiB63
NIASP See Something Say Something Leaflet0.2 MiB6
NIASP Training Framework (revised 7 June 2016)0.3 MiB843
NIASP Work Plan 2017-20180.3 MiB24
Progress Report 2010-2011 - PDF 299KB0.3 MiB203
Progress Report 2012-2013 - PDF 14KB15 KiB98
Protocol For Joint Investigation Of Adult Safeguarding Cases1.5 MiB1714
What happens after you report a concern0.1 MiB31
What to do if an adult discloses that they have been hurt or are afraid.0.1 MiB32


Safeguarding Adults at Risk Information Hub (SAaRIH)