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Community Planning: Mid and East Antrim, plus Ards and North Down Borough Councils

Image of front covers of Council community plans.

Each of Northern Ireland’s 11 local government councils have been tasked with working with statutory partners, including the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB), Public Health Agency (PHA), local Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts and voluntary and community groups to develop a Community Plan.

The Local Commissioning Groups (LCGs) of the HSCB have been helping to design the Councils’ Community Plans from the outset. The Plans describe a shared, long term vision to improving social, health, education, economic and environmental well-being for all local residents.

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Mid and East Antrim’s inaugural Community Plan, Putting People First, focuses on improving the wellbeing of citizens and all aspects of life in the Borough over a 15-year period.

It was developed in partnership with a wide range of local people and organisations, and brings together the public, private and voluntary sectors to work alongside the community.

Putting People First aims to improve the way public services are planned and delivered locally, with a strong emphasis on all partners working together to tackle issues and achieve collaborative gain for the benefit of citizens.

Image showing key areas of the Mid and East Antrim Community Plan

The Plan, published earlier this year, has five priority themes; Sustainable Jobs and Tourism, Good Health and Wellbeing, Progress in Education, Community Safety and Cohesion, and Our Environment with relevant partners leading on each of the workstreams.

Delivery will be progressed through the development of a formal implementation plan for each theme as well as the progression of opportunistic projects as they arise. Community Planning workshops have been held to inform the implementation plans and relevant stakeholders are encouraged to continue to provide their input and support to the implementation process.

Welcoming the plan, Pat Smyth, Northern Deputy LCG Lead said;

“The NLCG is delighted to continue its work with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and other community planning partners. It makes sense for organisations to work together to ensure that activities and projects aren’t duplicated and we are making best use of valuable resources.”

For further information about Community Planning in the Mid and East Antrim area please contact the Community Planning Office on;

Ards and North Down Borough Council

Ards and North Down Borough Council’s Community Plan takes an ambitious and holistic approach providing a long-term vision for the area.

The Big Plan for Ards and North Down’ was developed following a ‘Big Conversation’ exercise which encouraged individuals, communities and other stakeholders to discuss the issues they wanted addressed. All community planning partners share an equal responsibility for the implementation of the Plan.

The Plan explains how life will be better for those who live in the Borough – a vibrant, connected, healthy, safe and prosperous place to be. It aims to have empowered, resilient individuals and communities, to reduce inequalities, to promote good relations and sustainability and to improve the accessibility of all public services.

By 2032, the Plan’s goals suggest that all people in the Borough will:

Paul Turley, South Eastern LCG Lead, said: “The SELCG supported the launch of The Big Plan noting that the process to date had built upon the intersectorial work already in place around the health and wellbeing agenda. The new coordinated community planning arrangements provide a new and important impetus to all partner organisations to ensure a focused approach which will support improved long term health and wellbeing outcomes for all communities in Ards and North Down.  It will also ensure that health and social care have an input into other thematic areas like environment and education which will bring further health benefits to those living and working in the area.”

For further information about Community Planning in the Ards and North Down Council area please contact;

Photograph of members of the Ards and North Down Strategic Community Planning Partnership at the launch of the Big Plan.

Members of the Ards and North Down Strategic Community Planning Partnership pictured at the launch of the Big Plan are (L-R) Jacqui Durkin, Department of Education; Adrienne Adair, Libraries NI; John News, Sport NI; Mark Smyth, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service; Paul Turley, South Eastern LCG, Health and Social Care Board; Stephen Reid, Ards and North Down Borough Council; Anthony Carleton, Department for Communities; Brian Kee, Police Service of Northern Ireland; Heather McKee, South Eastern Regional College and Kim Scott, Education Authority.