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ICP updates – November 2015


Below is an overview of some of the things that have been happening over recent months and a forward look at upcoming ICP events:


Recent developments

The implementation of proposals developed by ICPs, and agreed by Local Commissioning Groups, is now underway across all areas. A number of service changes are now live including, an Acute Care at Home service for older people in Belfast, a nursing home in reach service in the North, a social prescribing pilot in the West, a social care response pilot in the South East, and a Rapid Access Respiratory Clinic in the South.

Read a full overview of the service changes being implemented by ICPs in each local area in the Patient Care section of our website.

Claire Lavery, ICP Third Sector Coordinator

Claire Lavery, ICP Third Sector Coordinator

A new coordinator has been appointed to provide support and guidance to Community and Voluntary Sector representatives involved in ICP Committees. Claire Lavery has 17 years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector, performing a range of roles, from communications, campaigning, policy, research, information provision and volunteer management.

Since taking up post in June, Claire has been meeting all the representatives to gather their views on the type of support they require. This led to an event in October when the community and voluntary Sector representatives from across the 17 ICPs came together for the first time to network and share information. The event provided an opportunity to examine some examples of collaboration from other spheres, including the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership, and the Mental Health Hub which operates throughout Belfast. Time was also spent focusing on the range of outcome and impact measures that could be applied to the work of ICPs.

Attendees at the ICP Third Sector Workshop, 14 October 2015

Attendees at the ICP Third Sector Workshop, 14 October 2015

The afternoon session allowed some dedicated discussion on each of the five clinical condition areas – stroke, diabetes, end of life care, frail elderly and respiratory conditions. These workshops were led by the clinical lead with responsibility for each condition, and a representative from a relevant specialist voluntary or community organisation.  Participants explored new possibilities in the further development of integrated services for these conditions.

Feedback from the event suggests that the ICP community and voluntary sector representatives are keen to build on this event, to have more opportunities to work together to agree strategic approaches to the work of ICPs and to grow relationships with each other.

Further events are being planned, and more information is available from Claire Lavery, Third Sector Coordinator at Claire.lavery@hscni.net

Service user and carer vacancies

There are currently a number of ICP vacancies for service user and carer representatives with experience of services for frail older people or experience of diabetes, stroke or respiratory conditions.

Click here for further information.

Recent Events

Dr Brian Patterson, Clinical lead for ICPs in the Northern area presenting at the Northern locality workshop, 9 October; and attendees at the event.

Dr Brian Patterson, Clinical lead for ICPs in the Northern area presenting at the Northern locality workshop, 9 October; and attendees at the event.

The Northern Business and Clinical Support Team held a workshop for members of the four ICPs in the area (East Antrim, Antrim/Ballymena, Mid Ulster, Causeway) on 9 May. The workshop was an opportunity for members of the ICPs across the Northern localities to meet and to share learnings. A number of attendees delivered presentations about the implementation of service changes for the ICP clinical priorities (older people, diabetes, respiratory and stroke care), providing ICP colleagues with insights and understanding into the successes to date and the challenges and opportunities which exist within their respective sectors to develop ICP working.

Discussions also took place about communications; the commissioning process; future plans across the Northern area locality and the enhanced role of local councils; and opportunities to maximise and coordinate community and voluntary sector involvement in ICPs going forward.


Delivery of more Integrated Care is a strategic priority for health and social care systems across the UK and Europe.

The approach underway through Integrated Care Partnerships in Northern Ireland has recently been presented at two conferences. Poster presentations were delivered at the Kings Fund Integrated Care Summit on 13th of October and at the Supporting Integrated Care at Home and Communities conference as part of the European Week of Health and Innovation in Denmark on the 20th October.

Both events were important opportunities to hear about developments in other health systems, and to highlight the lessons learned and progress within ICPs.

The move towards population based health programmes in England highlighted at the Kings Fund summit was very relevant to the NI context.  Citizen engagement was a recurring theme of the conference in Denmark with there was a lot to learn from exciting work on approaches underway in Southern Denmark.

Copies of the posters can be viewed below:

ICP-poster-presentation-to-Kings-Fund-Integrated-Care-Summit-13-October-2015 (0.7 MiB)

ICP-poster-presentation-to-Supporting-Integrated-Care-at-Home-and-Communities-conference-20-October-2015 (0.2 MiB)

The ICP service users and carer representatives have continued to meet on a regional basis to share their learning and to support each other in their challenging but vital role within ICPs.

Discussion at the August meeting focused on measuring the impact of ICPs in delivering more integrated care and in exploring how best to capture patient experience in order to improve and develop services.

The October meeting provided attendees with an opportunity to learn more about the work underway to implement the Self Directed Support (SDS) model across the region. A valuable discussion was had and ways to support the delivery of SDS through ICPs were explored.

ICP and Southern Trust staff pictured at the World COPD Day 2015 event in Craigavon Area Hospital.

ICP and Southern Trust staff pictured at the World COPD Day 2015 event in Craigavon Area Hospital.

The Southern ICP Business and Clinical Support Team joined Southern HSC Trust staff at Craigavon Area Hospital and Daisy Hill hospital for this year’s World COPD day in Newry to promote the meaningful actions people can take to improve their respiratory health, at any stage before or after a COPD diagnosis.

The message of this year’s World COPD Day was “It’s not too late.” COPD treatment is most effective when begun early in the course of the disease. However, at all stages of disease, treatments are available that reduce symptoms such as breathlessness and enable people to participate more fully in daily life.

Upcoming events