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ICP Updates – March 2015


Below is an overview of some of the things that have been happening over recent months and a forward look at upcoming ICP events:

Recent developments

Two ICP service change initiatives have been chosen by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to adopt and trial the ‘Triple Aim’ framework. The term Triple Aim refers to the simultaneous pursuit of improving the patient experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health.

The ICPs in Belfast and in the South East will be supported by IHI to use this approach in the implementation of their new integrated services for frail older people.

The ICPs will benefit from IHI’s expertise and experience in delivering large scale change effectively and the learning through these two projects will be shared across all of the ICPs’ work.

The effective involvement of service user and carer advocates is vital to each of the 17 ICP committees. ICPs are working to make care more joined up and improve the patient experience and that can’t be achieved without ensuring that the voice of the service user and carer advocate is heard and acted upon.

A regional workshop was held on the 26 February for all ICP service user and carer representatives. This was an opportunity for all those present to   discuss their role to date, exchange experiences and share learning.  A number of recommendations were made to strengthen the service user and carer voice within ICPs and a follow up session is planned for 30 March.

Get involved in how health and social care is delivered

There are currently a number of ICP vacancies for service user and carer representatives with experience of services for frail older people or experience of diabetes, stroke or respiratory conditions.

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Recent events

NICON ‘View from the Top’

Pictured (left to right): Laura Collins; John Kelly; Dr Alan Stout; and Dr Sloan Harper.

Pictured (left to right): Laura Collins; John Kelly; Dr Alan Stout; and Dr Sloan Harper.

Dr Sloan Harper, Director of Integrated Care at the Health and Social Care Board, was the guest speaker at the recent NICON ‘View from the Top’ event. Dr Harper outlined how these multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral partnerships have developed over the past 18 months, the outcomes that have been achieved to date and the lessons learned

Representatives from the East Belfast Integrated Care Partnership Committee (Alan Stout, Chair and GP lead; John Kelly, Pharmacist lead; and Laura Collins, Carer representative) also joined Dr Harper to discuss how ICPs can best be positioned for long term sustainability.

The chairpersons of the 17 Integrated Care Partnerships meet on a quarterly basis to discuss progress, share learning and to work together to address both the challenges and the opportunities of working in collaborative partnerships.

Attendees at the ICP Chairpersons’ Forum, February 2015.

Attendees at the ICP Chairpersons’ Forum, February 2015.

The most recent meeting of the forum was held on 4 February in Antrim and focused on Personal and Public Involvement (PPI). The event was attended by Fionnuala McAndrew, Director of Social Care and Children at the Health and Social Care Board and facilitated by Richard O’Rawe at Stellar Leadership. A very welcome discussion was had about how ICP chairpersons can engage, facilitate and support ICP service users and carer representatives to ensure that they are making a full and valued contribution to the ICP. This discussion contributed to the review and update of the ‘Service User and Carer Engagement Action Plan’.

The next meeting of the forum is planned for May 2015.


Jonathan Lloyd, Community Pharmacist and Pharmacist Lead for the East Antrim Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

Jonathan Lloyd, Pharmacist Clinical Lead for the East Antrim ICP recently supported the Health and Social Care Board’s efforts to encourage people to speak first to their local pharmacist for advice and treatment for common ailments, as well as other community pharmacy-based support.

Jonathan commented: “Most people visit their local pharmacy on average 12 – 15 times a year and may not know the range of services available. We want to try and encourage customers to not reach out to their GP for antibiotics at the first opportunity. What many people do not realise is that the duration of many common conditions can be longer than expected. For example, sore throats can last up to seven days and common colds up to ten days. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you require a doctor, so speak to your pharmacist first for advice on how to treat your symptoms with over the counter medicine. You can often ease the symptoms of many common conditions by ensuring you have plenty of rest and drink enough fluids to avoid feeling thirsty.”

Upcoming events

A second Regional ICP Workshop will take place on Wednesday 27 May. This is an opportunity for the members of all 17 ICP committees to come together, along with the clinical and business support teams for each of the five localities, to share learning from the work to date and to review action plans for the year ahead.

At last year’s  Regional ICP Workshop held in June 2014, Health Minister Edwin Poots commended the progress of ICPs and took time to meet ICP committee members. Download the full event report: ICP Regional Workshop_4 June_Report