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ICP Updates – August 2016




Below is an overview of some of the things that have been happening over recent months:


Recent developments

The implementation of proposals dICP video screen grab collageeveloped by ICPs, and agreed by Local Commissioning Groups, has been taking place across all areas. To hear the first hand experiences of those who designed the services and those benefiting from them, visit the ICP video section of the website featuring videos including: pulmonary rehabilitation as part of the Western ICP Respiratory Pathway; falls prevention in the South East and West; the diabetes foot care pathway, respiratory services and nursing home in reach programme in the Northern area; and acute care at home in the Southern area.

Read a full overview of the service changes being implemented by ICPs in each local area in the Patient Care section of our website.

There are currently a number of ICP vacancies for service user and carer representatives with experience of services for frail older people or experience of diabetes, stroke or respiratory conditions. Click here for further information.

ICPs in Mid Ulster and Down are seeking voluntary sector representatives to help transform health and social care services in their area. Click here for further information.


Recent Events

A number of ICP leaders contributed to a session entitled Person Centred Care – are we nearly there yet? at the NI Confederation Conference on 22 June. Chaired by Tony Doherty, Regional Coordinator, Health Living Centre Alliance and Chair of the Northern sector ICP in the West, the session was very well attended and was an important opportunity to consider what person centred care means in practice, review the progress ICPs have made in delivering it and identify ways to make person centred care the norm.

Laura Collins, Carer Representative on the East Belfast ICP outlined what person centred care means in practice as being when “Care is personalised, care is co-ordinated, care is compassionate and most importantly care is enabling”.

Discussion took place about how this standard is being tackled through the collaborative approach which ICPs facilitate. The example of the Acute Care at Home service in Belfast which was designed and developed by all the partners working collectively as part of the ICP was highlighted.

Dr Alan Stout updated attendees on the developing potential of GP Federations and Dr Sloan Harper outlined the role of the Health and Social Care Board in driving forward the integration and person centred care agenda.

Useful discussion was had among the panel members and with attendees and there was a consistent message that only through strong collaborative working across all partners within the system and with service users and carers can there be whole person, connected care.

“In the regional ICP initiative of creating linked local partnerships, a culture of real integration has been grown with care and attention. The culture is one of shared vision, shared values, shared goals. “– Laura Collins

ICPs in the Southern area sSouthern area slipper exchange events - Newry and Armaghupported the ‘great big slipper exchange events’ in Armagh and Newry hosted by the Southern Trust and funded by the Public Health Agency. Those attending the information event to promote falls prevention heard from a range of professionals, including ICP pharmacy leads Barbara Carey and Lynne McCausland and everyone who attended received a free pair of slippers in exchange for their old slippers and a range of information leaflets and contact details for local service providers.

Causeway ICP C&V event collageMore than 50 community and voluntary sector representatives from across the Causeway area came together at the ‘Working Together for Better Health’ event in Coleraine to hear presentations from Dr Brian Patterson, a GP and Clinical Lead for ICPs in the Northern area; Northern HSC Trust Chief Executive, Tony Stevens and Head of Community Wellbeing, Hugh Nelson at the recent event held by the Causeway ICP in association with the Causeway Older Active Strategic Team (COAST). Read more here.

Planning for further events for community and voluntary sector groups in the Antrim/Ballymena, East Antrim and Mid-Ulster areas is currently underway.