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Health and Social Care Board Annual Report launched on website


The Health and Social Care Board’s Annual Report for 2010/11 is now available on the Board’s website.

The report highlights the role and work of the Board during the period from 1 April 2010 – 31 March 2011. Details of developments across acute hospital care, primary care including services provided by GPs, pharmacists, optometrists and social care services including Family and Childcare services, Mental Health and Learning Disability services and services to support Older People and Adults are highlighted in the report. The work of the Board’s five Local Commissioning Groups during the year is also featured.

The report illustrates how Board staff are working with local Trusts, the statutory sector and local voluntary and community groups to assess health and social care needs, commission care and improve services provided to the population.

The report also outlines how the Board spent its financial allocation during this period.

The Annual Report can be accessed on the Health and Social Care Board’s website.  In order to make information as accessible as possible the report can also be made available in an alternative format.