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Communication Support Services for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in NI

Consultation – Closed.

The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that people who rely on Communication Support Services have opportunities to influence the development of the service regionally and express their views on a regional service model which offers a balance of face to face interpreting and, where appropriate, non face to face interpreting.

During the consultation period, the HSCB is seeking the views of people who are deaf or hard of hearing, their families, carers, staff, voluntary organisations and the general public. In addition to this a series of meetings, designed to engage directly with members of the deaf and hard of hearing community, has been organised and facilitated by BDA Northern Ireland. Details of the times and locations of these meetings can be accessed at the link below.

BDA Stakeholder Engagement Event Dates0.3 MiB671
Easy Read Consultation Document For Review Of Communication Support Services0.7 MiB710
Easy Read Consultation Letter 0.3 MiB714
Easy Read Consultation Response Booklet Review Of Communication Support Services0.6 MiB577
Equality Impact Assessment On Regional Communication Support Services Review0.7 MiB774
Human Rights Screening Tool0.2 MiB606
Item 9 - 02 - Regional Review of Communications Support Services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing0.7 MiB963
MS WORD - Consultation Response - Regional Review of Communication Support Services1.5 MiB714
Review Of Communication Support Services Consultation Document0.6 MiB1209

Sign language versions of the consultation document and consultation questions can be viewed via these links British Sign Language Version or Irish Sign Language Version; the videos below also provide quick access to playlists of the sign language versions.

British Sign Language Version

 Irish Sign Language Version

You can respond to the consultation in a number of ways:

Responses or requests for further information or alternative formats should be emailed to rcssr@hscni.net or in writing to:

Health and Social Care Board, 12-22 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BS or by telephone on 028 9536 2275 or via text relay on 2895362275 with 18001 for text relay.