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Diabetes Network NI: Structure and working groups

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Diabetes Network Supporting Groups

Working Group
Departmental Regional Oversight Group Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health (DoH)

Jackie Johnston, DoH

Network Board To be confirmed
Network Executive Dr Hamish Courtney,
Consultant Endocrinologist,
Belfast HSC Trust and Diabetes Network Clinical Lead

Dr Mary Donnelly, GP

Chairs Forum Dr Hamish Courtney
Data and Standards To be confirmed
Workforce, Education and Training Under development
Foot Care To be confirmed
Inpatients Care To be confirmed
New Models of Care Under development
Patient Education To be confirmed
Diabetes in Pregnancy To be confirmed
Prevention of Type 2 disease To be confirmed
Retinopathy To be confirmed
Young Adults To be confirmed
Technology to support people living with diabetes To be confirmed
Regional Primary Care To be confirmed
Communications Joanne McKissick, Diabetes Network Lead
Regional Paediatric Network Joanne McClean, Consultant, Public Health Agency, (PHA)
Insulin Pumps Group Sophie Lusby, Lead Commissioner, Health and Social Care Board, (HSCB)
Diabetes Network Regional Clinical Helpline Co-chaired by: Dr Hamish Courtney and Joanne McKissick, Diabetes Network Lead, (HSCB).
Ambulance Service Pathways Sophie Lusby, Health and Social Care Board (HSCB)