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Diabetes Network for Northern Ireland


The Diabetes Network for Northern Ireland brings together people living with diabetes, carers, and health and social care professionals working in partnership with Diabetes UK on the design and delivery of better diabetes services.

The Network supports the implementation of the Department of Health’s (DoH) Strategic Framework for Diabetes, one of a series of initiatives to support the ‘Health and Well-being 2026, Delivering Together’ plan which aims to transform Health and Social Care (HSC) services across Northern Ireland.

The  Network will lead the improvement of care for people in Northern Ireland who:

Working Groups

The following working groups have been established:

Working Group
Ambulance Service Pathways Sophie Lusby, Health and Social Care Board (HSCB)
Data Development Co-chaired by:
Dr Brendan O’Brien, Clinical Informatics Specialist, HSCB
Ms Adele Graham, Senior Health Intelligence Manager, Public Health Agency (PHA)
Education and Workforce Under development
Foot Pathway Co-chaired by:
Dr Hamish Courtney, Consultant Endocrinologist, Belfast Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust.
Dr Brian Connor, GP.
Inpatient Care Co-chaired by:
Dr Una Bradley, Consultant Endocrinologist, Southern HSC Trust.
Lisa King, Lecturer in Nursing, University of Ulster.
New Models of Care Under development
Paediatric Services Dr Brid Farrell, PHA
Patient Education Co-chaired by:
Florence Findlay-White, Diabetes UK.
Lesley Hamilton, Western HSC Trust.
Pregnancy Co-chaired by:
Professor David McCance, Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetes Regional Centre, Belfast HSC Trust
Mrs Denise Boulter, Midwife Consultant, PHA
Primary Prevention of Type 2 disease Co-chaired by:
Brendan Heaney, Diabetes UK
Dr Louise Herron, PHA
Retinopathy Dr Adrian Mairs, PHA
Young Adults Co-chaired by:
Dr Athinyaa Thiraviaraj, Consultant Endocrinologist, Western HSC Trust.
Technology to support people living with diabetes Co-chaired by:
Dr Neil Black, Consultant Endocrinologist Western HSC Trust.
Profesor Roy Harper, Consultant Endocrinologist, South Eastern HSC Trust


What is Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar level is higher than normal.

There are two main types of diabetes:

Other types of diabetes are:

For more information about diabetes visit the Diabetes UK website.

Diabetes Medicines and Prescribing

Diabetes Innovation and Improvement Fund 2017Application Form14th December 2017
Pathway for the Managed Access of FreeStyle Libre®Guidance4th December 2017
Guidance Diabetes Innovation and Improvement Fund 2017Guidance14th December 2017
Prescribing of FreeStyle LibreLetter to GP Practices and Community Pharmacists6th November 2017
HSCB Letter Freestyle Libre (Flash Glucose Monitoring Pathway)Letter to HSC Trusts' Chief Executives4th December 2017
Prescribing of FreeStyle LibreLetter to HSC Trusts' Chief Executives4th December 2017

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