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‘Business as usual’ for Health and Social Care during Giro d’Italia


Health and Social Care organisations are working with statutory partner organisations including the PSNI and Local Government to help ensure minimal disruption during the Giro d’Italia and ‘business as usual’ where possible within health and social care across Northern Ireland.

The public should continue to access their local primary care services such as their GP Practice, Out of Hours GP Urgent Care service, dental and pharmacy services in the normal way.

Similarly, hospital services including Emergency Departments and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service will be operating as usual. In the event of an emergency phone 999.

Community care services such as those provided by care workers to older people in their homes and community meals will also continue to be provided but may be a little earlier or later than normal on the Giro route.

Given the additional visitors to Northern Ireland for this major event, it is recommended that patients allow extra travelling time when attending their GP, dental or hospital appointment.

A significant amount of planning has been undertaken to ensure the local population continues to have access to appropriate healthcare and treatment. In addition, should visitors to Northern Ireland during the Giro d’Italia need to avail of healthcare services, arrangements are in place to direct them to the appropriate services and ensure they have a positive experience.

Further information on health and care services (including primary care services such as GP, Dental and Pharmacy services) is available on the Health and Social Care Board website – www.hscb.hscni.net.

For information on any public health issues, visit the Public Health Agency website at www.publichealth.hscni.net/major-events