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Agencies working to improve lives of local children


The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership (CYPSP) has launched, for public consultation, a draft plan for the future development of services for children and young people in Northern Ireland.

The consultation period is running for 12 weeks from Wednesday 16 August 2011 until Wednesday 9 November 2011.

The CYPSP is a multi-agency, strategic partnership, consisting of the leadership of all key organisations that have responsibility for improving outcomes for all children and young people in Northern Ireland including health, social services, education, policing and housing as well as representatives from the voluntary and community sectors.

Welcoming the public consultation on the plan, Mr John Compton, Chief Executive of the Health and Social Care Board said: “The CYPSP has now taken Northern Ireland-wide responsibility for the integrated planning of services for children and young people. The lives of children and young people in Northern Ireland cannot be wholly improved by any single agency. Working together as a partnership is an important part of modern service planning.

Mr Compton continued: “The Partnership believes it has made a good start to improving outcomes for children and young people as set out in this consultation document. We very much welcome people’s views as we work through the detail of how to put this Plan into action,” he said.

The six key outcomes addressed in the draft plan, were set out in a ten year strategy entitled: ‘Our Children and Young People – Our Pledge’, developed by the Northern Ireland Executive, and are as follows:

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership welcomes views on this first draft Plan and any suggestions people might have on how children and young people’s lives in Northern Ireland can be further improved by inter-agency planning.

The draft Children and Young People’s Plan – as well as information on how people can respond – can be found on the Health and Social Care Board’s website: www.hscboard.hscni.net/consult.

For further information on the consultation please contact: Ms Ann Godfrey, of Health and Social Care Board on (028) 9055 3972, email Ann.godfrey@hscni.net.