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A-Z health conditions


The Health and Social Care Board has been working in conjunction with nidirect to develop more online services to help people in Northern Ireland make the best choices about their health and lifestyle.

The A to Z health conditions will help users find high quality information on a variety of conditions, aimed at making it easier to self-manage their condition, or seek medical help, if appropriate.

A total of 180 conditions and illnesses are currently listed, with the number expected to increase  by the end of March 2018. Links to GP surgeries and community pharmacies are also included.

Users can search via symptoms they might be experiencing or by the type of conditions. They will also be able to browse the entire A to Z list of health conditions, find out about symptoms, how to manage less serious symptoms and when to seek help.

Hosted by nidirect, the new A-Z is a Health and Social Care Board eHealth initiative, in conjunction with the Public Health Agency.

Director of eHealth, Sean Donaghy, said the Board is delighted to be working with nidirect to create open and transparent information, which has been tailor made for a local audience.

Patient tester Justin Greenwood (left) and Sean Donaghy, director of eHealth, Health and Social Care Board, check out the A to Z health conditions web pages

“It will be an invaluable resource for people wishing to access the most up-to-date information, written in easy-to-understand language, and with links directing them to additional advice and support including major public health campaigns.

“All this couldn’t have been possible without the involvement of patients, carers and service users at every stage of the process. They have been the driving force behind ensuring that the information provided is what people require and presented in an easy to navigate format. They will continue to be involved in user testing for future developments,” he said.

For advice on health conditions and how to get help when you need it visit www.nidirect.gov.uk/health-conditions or watch our video to find out more.