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Board welcomes steady progress on Transforming Your Care reforms


The Health and Social Care Board has said that steady progress is being made on the major health and social care reforms set out in Transforming Your Care.

Speaking at the Health and Social Care Board’s monthly public meeting (Thursday 14th August), Emma Holden, Assistant Director of Transforming Your Care with the Board highlighted some of the recent developments which are taking place across the region in transforming health and social care services.

“Momentum continues to build and work is progressing at a steady pace in many areas as we implement Transforming Your Care. Some of these changes taking place now are expanding services which already existed in some areas and have been aligned with Transforming Your Care; others have been started this year. All are making real changes which benefit patients, service users and carers. These changes, which have been widely endorsed, are absolutely essential to help improve access to safe and high quality care now and into the future,” she said.

Progress is being made on a wide range of projects including:

Mrs Holden added: “At the heart of all these changes is to make people’s lives healthier and easier. We are on a reform journey which doesn’t happen overnight. This scale of change takes time to get it right, and what we are hearing very strongly from everyone we speak to is the need to continue with that change, especially in the light of the very real financial and demographic challenges facing us.”

“It is really important that we implement changes in a measured and thoughtful way in conjunction with our patients, clients, service users, carers, and staff, as well as the wider public sector, professional and clinical bodies, the voluntary and community sector and a wide range of other stakeholders. This will be essential for ensuring that any changes are sustainable and can make a difference for everyone.”